Neognosis is a two-man indie team by Adam Chivers and Damon Pearce.

We aim to create games that respect players, provide refined gameplay and support endless extensibility.

We are dedicated to our community and what it wants. Our current project BallisticNG is our presentation of this approach, having implemented hundreds of community suggestions and being active with the game’s modding scene throughout development.




Based in Swindon, UK


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BallisticNG [ Early Access ]


Neognosis is a remote team based in the UK. Formed in early 2016 we are a small garage indie team with a shared love of games and design. We are passionate about games and aim to continue developing them far into the future.



Glide through futuristic race courses at breakneck speeds and eliminate those who stand in your way. BallisticNG is a moddable action packed anti-gravity racer developed as a love letter to the original Wipeout trilogy.

BallisticNG is our first game project. Starting in 2015 on the Wipeout community forum WipeoutZone, it has evolved from what was once a fans Wipeout clone into a feature complete game with its own identity. With a large focus on user generated content in addition to our own we believe BallisticNG is the first of its kind in the genre – a truely moddable anti-gravity racer built with no compromises.

Piloting BallisticNG is a retro 3D artstyle mixed with modern effects to provide a hybrid of old and new. Simulate the limitations of the Playstation 1 hardware or go full bloom with lens effects. No matter your preference, BallisticNG lets you tweak the visuals to be old, new or anywhere in-between.

Integrated into the game are a suite of modding tools letting you import your own ships, build your own tracks, import your own sounds, play your own music and program your own gamemodes, weapons and more.






We would like to thank Ric for his previous work – BallisticNG and Neognosis would not have been possible with you.