• Glide through futuristic race courses at breakneck speeds and eliminate those who stand in your way. BallisticNG is a moddable action packed anti-gravity racer developed as a love letter to the original Wipeout trilogy.

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  • Tracks

    BallisticNG features 17 tracks set in unique locations, 11 of which are reversible creating a grand total of 28 playable tracks. Covering tropical beaches, industrial parks and everything in between, BallisticNG has a diverse range of hand crafted tracks each with unique personalities.

  • Teams

    BallisticNG features 13 racing teams and a lineup of super fast drag ships. Every ship is suited to a different playstyle, you have the freedom to choose which best suites you!

  • Built For Mods

    BallisticNG features a modding tool suite to import your own ships, build your own tracks and program your own gamemodes, weapons and more. With built in Steam Workshop support it is easy to share your creations with the world!

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  • Virtual Reality

    BallisticNG supports virtual reality through SteamVR! Put on your headset and jump straight into the race from with a whole new perspective. VR implementation has no compromises, play the entire game including mod content in VR!

  • Soundtrack

    BallisticNGs soundtrack features 34 tracks with over 120 minutes of music featuring Paradise Decay, Shem, Shiftdelete, Vonsnake and Xpand.

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  • Multiplatform

    BallisticNG is available for Windows and Linux! Multiplayer is supported across operating systems so you can play with your friends no matter their preferences.