A Realistic Discussion of The Future

The Future

BallisticNG is now in a state where we are happy with the content on display and feel like it could could maintain itself with the introduction of custom tracks to keep a stream of fresh content coming in from the community. We’re actually at a point where all we really need to do now is fix up a few loose ends and we’d be in a good position to leave Early Access.

However as mentioned in our Patreon announcement we want to take it further and provide not only a solid game but a solid creative platform for people. With BallisticNG being free and us not wanting to charge for it, being able to keep up with this goal is showing to be hard.

The Patreon so far is providing us with some extra money which is very appreciated, but realistically it’s not enough to keep us afloat for too much longer. If everyone playing were to donate $1 every month then we would have more than enough to keep going to see the project out to it’s full potential.

If you’re not aware of our Patreon yet, you can check it out here: https://www.patreon.com/Neognosis Update: The Patreon has ended, please view our latest blog posts.

There are currently three routes we can take:

  1. Use 0.7 as the baseline for finishing the game, fix up any bugs, add any extra little cool features and then wrap it up and leave Early Access. After this carry on with our lives and maintain BnG on the side while we look at new project ideas.
  2. If funded, carry out our goals listed on the Patreon. This will result in the game being in development for longer, but the final game will be much higher quality and jam packed with a lot more features.
  3. Drop the Patreon (ensuring everyone donating now is accommodated for) and start charging for the game.

Route 2 is the route we want to take. Let us know what your thoughts on Route 3 are though, we’d love to gather some thoughts on what people think about charging for the game.

If you have some spare change you could throw our way then we would really appreciate it so we can give you something greater back. If you’re as passionate about playing the game as we are developing it then be sure to tell your friends and anybody else you bump into who might enjoy it!

What’s coming next?

At the moment what’s coming next are a lot of updates that will be improving stability and the user experience. If we can keep ourselves afloat then plenty more will come however. See the Patreon link above for all of the information.

0.8 is no longer going to be focused on Multiplayer as we do not have the time and resources to research and implement what we want at the current time. Multiplayer is a very large and complicated area but in order to get the game up to scratch with what everyone, including ourselves, would expect out of a multiplayer experience we will need a lot of time. Very little people play Multiplayer also, which makes it hard to justify spending more of our limited development time on it.

New style of updates

BallisticNG for the time being is going to be going back to frequent updates, much like the 0.4 days for any of you who’s been with us since then.

We are going to be looking at releasing a new update every 2 weeks, this means frequent updates all the way up the next major release. If you’re a Patreon and are on the development branch then you will continue to get the updates as soon as new features are added!